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Sports can use a scratch and win to:

  • Increase merchandise sales
  • Increase concession stand sales
  • Draw in more fans to fill the stands
  • Increase stadium advertising
  • Create excitement amongst team sponsorships
  • Employee incentives
  • And much more

Scratch and wins are an absolute must for sports. They are interactive and exciting and in turn they offer a chance for winning and fan participation.


Home Run Derby

Fans get a scratch card when they walk into the game. They scratch to reveal one of 10 players participating in the home run derby (each player has the same number of cards). Then fans whose player wins the homerun derby gets a prize, for example a 10% discount on merchandise sales. The team will mail or hand out a flyer promoting the home run derby scratch off game to increase attendance for the homerun derby.


Prize Ideas

  • Free merchandise
  • Rally towel
  • 25% off team shop
  • 10% of merchandise
  • Discount on tickets
  • Free hot dog
  • Free beer or drink
  • Win autograph jersey
  • Win autograph ball



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